If you like lots of HYPE and a Friendly place to come hang out, you may have found your home! We like to have fun here and enjoy some intense gaming sometimes.

I used to play CS:S Professionally. I've moved on from competitive play to get back to enjoying games again. I play a wide variety of games, but truly enjoy anything with a lot of action.

Drop by http://twitch.tv/smashley for a butt touching good time!


Smashers Coffee Blend - Smash the morning!
from 9.00

The official Smashers coffee blend. Smash the morning and reach your highest BTPM (butt touches per minute) potential.

100% Arabica coffee from above 1000 MASL

We ship within 5 business days (barring holidays). Each order has to be scheduled for roasting once ordered. We keep no coffee preroasted for orders, so you get the freshest coffee possible.

Ground for Drip Coffee:
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