MR Happy HapTea - Tai Mu San Loose Green Tea Organic
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Loose Leaf Tea!

This excellent tea is grown by a local farmer in the Wuyi Mountain region; sales of this tea directly support his family farm. Our customers rate this as one of the best overall Green Teas for smoothness, body, mouth feel, and pleasant taste. Excellent alone or with meals.

We ship within 5 business days (barring holidays). 

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Mr Happy Coffee Colombia Planadas
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Colombia Planadas


Variety: Catura. Bourbon

Elevation: 4293 -6289 feet above sea level

Processing: Washed, Sun Dried

We ship within 5 business days (barring holidays). Each order has to be scheduled for roasting once ordered. We keep no coffee preroasted for orders, so you get the freshest coffee possible.

Ground for Drip Coffee:
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Hey guys, Mrhappy here! Welcome to my shop here on Double Jump Coffee and tea. Every month I'll be offering a different type of coffee for your enjoyment! So here is what you do. Grab your coffee, tune into my stream any day of the week (Mon-Fri 9AM-2PM PST; Sat/Sun 10AM-3PM PST) and enjoy the company and conversation! See you all stream side!