I am the Lady Aderissa

I started gaming on FLOPPY floppy discs, and never could break free of the keyboard. Aderissa was first created in Baldur's Gate in the late 90s, and grew to become The Lady Aderissa in her first mmorpg, Dark Age of Camelot, in 2001. She has played a vast variety of video games over an 18 year gaming career, including 11 years of EQ2 obsession, and even tabletop DMs.

Lady Aderissa streams live from The Keep on Twitch Tuesday-Sunday with a variety of series play throughs, creative casts, and community events.

The Keep Me Awake Coffee Blend
from 9.00

Keep life is tough and you need to keep your wits about you. The best way to keep those wits and your head is copious amounts of coffee. Get the new Lady Aderissa approved coffee.

We ship within 5 business days (barring holidays). Each order has to be scheduled for roasting once ordered. We keep no coffee preroasted for orders, so you get the freshest coffee possible.

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