A fundraising program like no other, 8-Bit Salute has grown into the largest "Gaming for Troops" movement on the planet. While thousands play year-round with a focus on raising awareness and donations for OSD, major tent-pole events revolve around Military Appreciation Month (May) and VETober (October) http://8bitsalute.org/

Play Games, Drink Coffee, Support Troops.

"The only thing I am ready to fight when I wake up in the morning other than the enemy, is my lack of coffee intake and Master Chief in Halo"

Quote From: Every Deployed Service Member, Any Service


This 8 Bit Salute roast is a 100% Arabica  coffee from BrazilIt is a direct trade coffee with a small farmer. It's a super low acidity coffee with *tasting notes of Dark chocolate, Hazelnut and Caramel

*Tasting notes are flavors found in the original coffee. Like wine or micro brew beer. We don't add any flavors to our coffee

ALL net proceeds of 8bit Salute Roast sales will go towards the 8bit Salute.

GOAL: If we get over 500 orders we will give everyone an extra 4oz of coffee in their order for FREE!

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