At Double Jump Coffee, we do things a little differently.

We are not like your average coffee roasters. We provide you with an exquisite flavor adventure in coffee.

Our unusual coffee menu rotates each month and we ship these ever-changing offerings across the U.S.A. as a monthly subscription service or as single bags. 

Yes, it is convenient to have unbelievably good coffee freshly hand-roasted just for you and delivered to your door. But that's not the only reason Double Jump Coffee does it. 

Double Jump Coffee only purchases in-season beans from small farms. Each lot of beans has very unique flavors and can never be reproduced. These small farms don't produce enough to supply a large chain, so usually beans from many farms in a region are mixed into large generic bulk coffee blends, forever losing their precious distinctiveness. 

Our beans are carefully sorted and graded for high quality control and we keep no bulk stock, unlike Corporate coffee which forgoes intensive quality control so the bulk beans are cheaper. This combined with over-blending and over-roasting essentially destroys the coffee.

However, with our rotating menu, we are able share these unique coffees and their amazing attributes with you, taking you on a global coffee tasting adventure with each bag.


  • Hand roasted to order.
  • In-season beans.
  • No blends or over-roasting to hide bad beans.
  • Clear, regionally distinctive flavor, unlike corporate coffee.


  • Single origin beans.
  • From small farms that can't supply corporate coffee.
  • High elevation.
  • Ethically minded: we do our very best to buy shade-grown Fair Trade beans.


  • This is a gourmet coffee club that also happens to sell single bags.
  • We select the coffee beans for you.
  • We ship nationwide.
  • The point is to sample different types of coffee.


                       JOSH - THE FINAL BOSS                                 CEO and Founder

                       JOSH - THE FINAL BOSS

                             CEO and Founder

                      LAUREN - THE QUEEN BEAN                                      Head Roaster

                     LAUREN - THE QUEEN BEAN

                                  Head Roaster

              AUSTIN - THE BARISTA MINI BOSS               Coffee Scientist and Engineering Student


           Coffee Scientist and Engineering Student

The Double Jump Coffee Mission

Double Jump Coffee provides ethically produced, direct trade and high elevation coffee. We focus on developing the highly unique flavors and aromas of each kind of bean, unlike larger roasters that must overly blend beans (thereby destroying their distinctive qualities) for consistency in bulk. We select the best single origin in-season beans from small farms and roast each batch carefully to bring you a new coffee experience that you can't get anywhere else.